Sunday, May 3, 2015

P.O. Blog 9847

 Sunday blog time! First, if you haven't scrolled down the page already to see Willow's gorgeous cover for the next Monkey Queen book, A Tiding Of Magpies, do it now! We'll have an actual official announcement coming up real soon now. More after the cut!

Speaking of Willow, she and her stalwart companions in Collectif Pin Up will be making another convention appearance soon! They'll be at Geekopolis in Paris May 23-24! And now that Willow doesn't have that crazy writer bothering her, she and her friends may be able to finish the second issue of their fanzine 101010 in time for the show! More info at

Last year, we mentioned Bike The Barns, during which cartoonist John Kovalic rode 70 miles with a duck on his head. He's doing another ride, on May 16, and this one is to help raise funds for the American Diabetes Association. You get some cool free swag if you donate, and you're helping a great cause! Head to the Dork Tower site for more info:

Best-selling indie author Hugh Howey has a few words on e-books versus paper here: My thoughts: I love both. I prefer touchscreens for prose, though I prefer paper for my comics. I'm glad people have a choice; that's why I always have paperback copies of my books available. (And, as I've said elsewhere, autographing a touchscreen is a bad idea.) But I'm grateful for the e-book, because if it wasn't for the opportunities that the Kindle and other e-readers opened up, I might never have written and published Michiko and Beth's stories.

And finally, you can tell that there's a new Monkey Queen book coming, as I've changed the wallpaper on my tablet again.

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