Sunday, May 17, 2015

let's blog on 'til the dawn and have fun 'til the music's all gone

Sundays are catchup time here at Monkey Queen Books! First, if you haven't checked out the preview of A Tiding Of Magpies, you can read Chapter One here! And that post has links to Chapter Two and an excerpt from Chapter Four! And here's where you can preorder! More after the cut.

Don't forget - if you're in or near Paris, you can meet Willow, our cover artist, at Geekopolis next weekend, May 23-24! She'll be there with the gang from Collectif Pin Up! Go say hi and buy her goodies!

And speaking of Willow, you can now see the first three pages of her comic, The Journey Of Earth, on Facebook! Be advised that they're only in French...for now.

We've already mentioned the Doubleclicks Kickstarter for their new CD, President Snakes, and there's still time to back it! Get it to $42,000, people, so Aubrey can get her electric cello!

And there's another Kickstarter project I wanted to bring to your attention. The creators of the amazing comic Atomic Robo are taking the jump to web publication (much as Phil and Kaja Foglio did many years ago with Girl Genius), and they're planning to reprint their older paperback collections as hardcovers! You can read the webcomic here, and find the Kickstarter here! Remember, backing this will guarantee that Doctor Dinosaur will never show up at your front door again! (NOTE: This does not guarantee that he won't show up at your back door, your office, your favorite comic shop, or the seat next to you on your commute train.)

I wanted to remind you about the sidebar widget that links to Amazon. (You can't see it if you have ad blocking add-ons in your browser, and I don't blame you if you do.) If you click there to shop at Amazon, I get a few pennies from your purchase, whether or not you buy one of my books. I won't force or pressure you to do this; you're encouraged to get your Monkey Queen books wherever you want. But if you choose to shop at Amazon, and you click on the widget first, I'd be grateful.

Finally, if nothing else, I'm glad that this week reminded me of the existence of quokkas.

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