Friday, April 17, 2015

The timey-wimey truth...revealed at last!

As you may remember, last October yours truly got stuck in the middle of a disturbance in time and space, when a meeting that no one expected took place. At the time, all the evidence I could find was this:

Somehow, I thought that this was an actual self-portrait of Willow, even as she sat across from me sketching it. But apparently, this was not the case. For time has suddenly hiccuped (possibly with the help of two genetically-engineered lab mice, an eccentric English inventor, and a quiet and long-suffering dog), and I discovered (so to speak) this photo on my cellphone.

Ladies, gentlemen and other blog visitors: Willow, holding a sterling example of her awesome cover art.

If this is my last post on this blog, assume I'm being held by Dementors. If that happens, please send dark chocolate.

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