Sunday, April 5, 2015

Mary Mary, where you blogging to?

First off, I wanted to let you know that after a day of reflection, I realized that in my rush to get "A Game Of Scones" published, I had made a few basic errors that really needed to be corrected. I've edited the story and reposted it; there aren't any new jokes, but it should be a little less confusing. Go re-read it if you'd like, or read it if you haven't already.

And a small request: If you liked "A Game Of Scones", or any other story you've read on this blog, spread the word! Mention us on your blog, post about us on G+ or Facebook or Tumblr, retweet, say something on Goodreads or Library Thing!

More after the cut!

Speaking of writers, the great Neil Gaiman posts on Tumblr about thanking writers whose work you've loved. I'm not putting this up to pressure you as much as I am to remind myself, and you'll see why when A Tiding Of Magpies comes out.

Willow has hit 2,000 likes on Facebook! You should like her page if you haven't already; she posts works in progress as well as her completed art, she's really nice and lots of fun, and I suspect there'll be another contest soon. (And some smartass writer keeps leaving comments everywhere...)

And think kind thoughts for Princess Merida. First, she had to fend off a gold-crazed dwarf who wanted her to be his..."burglar". Then, an alien experiment stole her left shoe. Now, she seems to acquired a rival. Looks like we have an old-fashioned ToonTown standoff...

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