Sunday, March 8, 2015

Daydream believer and a homeblogging queen

Sunday catchup time! Willow's art contest is done, and you can see all the entries here: They were all very well done, and I don't envy her having to pick a winner!

Also, Willow and her stalwart companions at Collectif Pin Up have new pinback buttons for sale (along with a few old favorites)! Preorders close on March 11, so if you want to see what's available and place an order, do it fast! I love Willow's Catbus button, and Blop's Ninth through Twelfth Doctors! She did some great work on those!

And I did want to help promote the other members of Collectif Pin Up, who are all great artists! Go check their work out on their Tumblr pages!



Mrion (Marion LeBlanc, who did that great Michiko fan drawing a while back!):

And finally, can we say that the Doubleclicks have just been killing it lately? Because they have been.

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