Monday, March 30, 2015

April Fools short story surprise: Day two!

If you missed it on Sunday: There will be a new Monkey Queen short story coming Wednesday! This is not an April Fool's prank, it's for real. However, there is a catch: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, I'll be giving you summaries of three short stories. Two of those are things I just made up for this. The third is the actual short story. Can you guess which is which?

Today's summary: The monstrous niens, Terrible Tang and Frightful Fu, have misplaced their little dog. When Michiko and Beth join the hunt for Doggie, they have to deal with a new family of enigmatic faerie Emigres. What is their connection to Doggie? Can the Monkey Queen solve the mystery of "The Hound Of The D'Ubervilles"?

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