Sunday, March 29, 2015

but the porpoise is blogging, goodbye, goodbye

Sunday catch-up! First and most important, this announcement: There will be a new Monkey Queen short story coming Wednesday! This is not an April Fool's prank, it's for real. However, there is a catch: Today, tomorrow and Tuesday, I'll be giving you summaries of three short stories. Two of those are things I just made up for this. The third is the actual short story. Can you guess which is which?

Today's summary: Every Emigre knows that the Wonderland Diner also has the best coffee and pastries around. But when an ambitious pixie with a sweet tooth sets up a coffee cart nearby, a delicious - and dangerous - rivalry is born. Michiko and Beth try to keep the peace, but will anyone survive..."A Game Of Scones"?

Reminders after the cut!

Don't forget, European readers - Willow (yes, the cover artist) will be appearing at Polymanga at Bordeaux, Switzerland, this coming weekend! She'll be sharing a table with her stalwart companions from Collectif Pin Up, and there'll be all sorts of merchandise for sale, including some con exclusives! Get more info here:

I've been lax in passing this on, but the Doubleclicks are touring the US West Coast in April, along with comedian Joseph Scrimshaw and various special guests! This video will give you more info, and Aubrey's banana costume to boot! Or hit their web site:

And don't forget to enter the YA Spring Fling giveaway if you haven't already!
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Finally, I know what I want for Christmas:


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