Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The big day is here!

Happy Beethoven's Birthday everyone!

("Fur Elise", from A Charlie Brown Christmas, as played by Schroeder. Or the Vince Guaraldi Trio, if we have to be technical.)

The past few weeks' worth of related posts were meant in part as a bit of a jab towards the "War On Christmas" folks. I celebrate Christmas and say "Merry Christmas", but I respect that there are many other traditions in December. I'm grateful for all good wishes, no matter how they're expressed, and I hope I'll remember to respond in kind.

More importantly, it's been a tribute to Charles Schulz. Peanuts, at its peak, is my all-time favorite newspaper comic, and influenced me in many ways. Though I have to say that Schroeder may not have the right idea in this strip. Of course, that could just be because of who made the suggestion:

I, personally, think it's a fine idea! I would like to offer all the readers of this blog, regulars, casual viewers, and first-timers alike, a kiss right "squack" on the nose from yours truly to celebrate Beethoven's Birthday!

However, there is a catch:

(Should you feel that said kiss right "squack" on the nose should have been delivered directly from yours truly instead of through a representative, feel free to comment or contact the management directly. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. :D )

Bonus: Here's a somewhat trippy series from the movie A Boy Named Charlie Brown, featuring Schroeder (or, if we have to be technical, Ingolf Dahl) playing the second movement of Sonata Pathetique.

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