Sunday, December 14, 2014

Blogtiful Sunday

First, a reminder: If you haven't read the new Monkey Queen Christmas short story, "Best Christmas Ever!" you can do so by clicking here! If you like it, feel free to leave comment, share on your favorite social media, and spread the word!

So last night, a somewhat nearby game store that had held a Kickstarter drive to finance an expansion held a celebratory free concert (thank you, EndGame Oakland!). They had given out the first tickets to their backers, but when those had been snapped up, they invited the general public to attend, and I jumped on it...

And that's how I finally got to see the Doubleclicks.

That's Aubrey Webber on the cello on the left, Angela Webber on the ukelele on the right, and Max the cat keyboard in the center. Max, alas, was only on one song, the Doctor Who theme as arranged for cello and cat keyboard, but did splendidly as usual. The show was awesome, with lots of old favorites and new, and they even performed "Happy Holidays Too", the song that made me a fan. Jokes were told, audiences were bantered with, CDs were sold (and bought), and a great time was had by all! Can't wait for their next appearance; by then, let's hope the EndGame cafe is open! And if you want to find out more about them, head on over to

Oh, and we also have our last reminder, before the big day, of the real reason for the season...

Goldurn legal disclaimers...

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