Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's thanks

It's New Year's Eve, and while others are thinking of fireworks, parties and drinking more than they should, I wanted to take a few minutes to thank some people. 2014 was the year I finally achieved a great goal in my life, and it wouldn't have been possible without these fine folks.

First, thanks to Marina and Jason Anderson at Polgarus Studio, who handle the formatting for my books and do a great job of it (even if it's 2015 already where they are). Thanks to Keri Knutson at Alchemy Book Covers, who does such fine work designing the covers; the font still sends me over the hills and far away.

Thanks to the crew at KBoards, and especially at the Writers' Cafe sub-forum, to Harvey, Ann, Betsy and all the contributors. And all the people I've met through there who have helped out in many ways: Heidi, Cora and Jessica at the Speculative Fiction Showcase. K.J. Bryen at Take The Plunge. Patty Jansen and the Mad New Year's Sale. Julie Ann Dawson, for reasons to be revealed on Sunday. The amazing Kate Danley. The folks at, and at SciFi Fantasy Freak. Everyone who's taken part in the Character Blog Hop.

Of course, I need to thank Willow! Her cover art is wonderful, but I'm still amazed that she finds time to help promote the books as well. I was expecting great art when I started working with her, but I never expected to find a friend and supporter as well. Many thanks, Willow! (And wait until you see her cover for the third Monkey Queen book! Even if you don't wear socks, I guarantee it'll knock them off!)

But my biggest thanks go out you, the fans and readers. I still get a thrill every time I sell a book or find out that someone's read something I've written. Telling stories is my favorite thing, and I'm grateful to share them with you. I hope you enjoy them, and I hope you'll stick around for 2015 – it'll be a big year for Michiko and Beth, with lots of laughs, thrills and adventure ahead! Thanks for reading.

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