Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Willow on sale!

I may need to rephrase that post title, but first, a reminder - if you haven't read the previous post already, scroll down or click to see the announcement about the release of the second Monkey Queen novel, The Brigadoon Boondoggle! Coming November 28! You can see Willow's cover art, along with the first chapter! Check back soon for ordering info!

As for Willow being on sale: Actually, her art is. She and her friends in the BD/comic team Collectif Pin Up have a web store at Society 6, and right now, you can get $5.00 US of your purchase AND free worldwide shipping there! That includes Willow's jaw-dropping Spirited Away print, her really cute Toothless and Hiccup coffee mug, and more! To get the special, you have to click this link: http://society6.com/pinup?promo=CZ4GRW3YD8H6 Ends November 9, so shop now! Don't wait!

Finally: Holy cow, it's autumn.

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