Sunday, November 9, 2014

Will you be blogging after Sunday, or go home on Monday?

First and foremost, if you missed it earlier, last week we announced the publication date for the second Monkey Queen book, The Brigadoon Boondoggle! This post has a sneak preview of the first chapter and a look at Willow's awesome cover art:

Speaking of Willow, today is the last day of the sale at the Society6 web store for Collectif Pin Up, the BD/comic artist group that includes Willow and other talented artists! $5 US off and free worldwide shipping, but you have to use this link! Hurry!

Some thoughts on Doctor Who: "Death In Heaven" after the jump (SPOILERS):
Well, it wasn't a bad episode, and Peter Capaldi is on the verge of being the Doctor we'd like him to be, but the scene at the end with Clara rang false; I hope the Christmas special clears that up.

But why did Osgood have to die? I liked Osgood. She was every fangirl made good, everyone who ever loved the show enough to do something about it, and there was no real reason to kill her off. It cast a pall over the entire episode for me. At least she could have died doing something brave, instead of proving a point that had already been thoroughly proven.

Somewhere, Beth McGill (who could probably cosplay an awesome Osgood) is feeling very sad and eating too much ice cream to compensate.

I don't want to end this post on a down note, so instead I would like to point out the folly of trying to be trendy with your Halloween candy flavors. This was taken at a big box store the day after Halloween. When I looked again a few days later, almost all the other sale candy was gone, but these were still there...

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