Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Will Never Blog The Same

Busy Sunday, so let's get this ball rolling! First, if you've been following our Character Blog Hop posts over the last two weeks, this week we hand off to Jessica Rydill, who introduces us to her character, Annat Vasilyevich! Annat's first e-book, Children of the Shaman, is free through Amazon! For more on Jessica, drop by

Hey, have YOU read the new Monkey Queen short story, "Best Christmas Ever!"? If not, scroll down to the next post! It's more fun than a sappy holiday romantic comedy movie marathon! No, really, it is.

Our thanks to the gang at SciFi Fantasy Freak for featuring the first Monkey Queen book, Of Introductions And Abductions, as a new release the past three days! To find out more about them and sign up for their mailing list, head over to

And after some setbacks, the paperback edition of the new Monkey Queen book, The Brigadoon Boondoggle, is now available through Amazon!

Thanks again to Willow, Keri with Alchemy Book Covers, and Marina and Jason with Polgarus Studio for all their fabulous work. You've all made this writer doubly happy.

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