Sunday, December 25, 2016

ho ho ho, guess who's here? your fat and jolly friend blogs near

Well, it's still Sunday on the west coast. You know how holidays go sometimes. Anyway, this is a special Sunday catchup, as after the cut, I top songs of 2016! (Warning: Lots of videos ahead.)

11-25, in no particular order: Meri Amber, "Tamagotchi", "Work It Out Like Goku", "You Chose Me"; The Coathangers, "Dumb Baby", "Watch Your Back"; The Doubleclicks, "Lord of the Rings", "The Universe"; Lucia Fasano, "Nerd Boy"; Madness, "Mister Apples"; The Monkees, "Me And Magdalena", "You Bring The Summer"; The PDX Broadsides, "Astronaut's Hymn", "'Tis A Gift To Be Goblin"; Professor Elemental, "All In Together (GnT Remix)"; Tacocat, "Dana Katherine Scully"

10: Lindsey Stirling - “Gavi’s Song”

9: David Bowie - “Lazarus”

8: Deap Vally - “Smile More”

7: Lucia Fasano - “Radio Silence”

6: Professor Elemental - “Put Up Your Dukes”

5: The Doubleclicks - “Mobius”

4: The PDX Broadsides - “Eureka”

3: The Monkees - “Birth Of An Accidental Hipster”

2: Meri Amber - “What We Were”

1: Tacocat - “Leisure Bees”

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