Tuesday, November 10, 2015

introducing...the new me! (sort of)

I said this would be happening on Sunday, and here it is! Calomiel has finished the art for my new avatar!

If you missed Sunday's post: Calomiel is a talented French artist and photographer! We've been interacting on Facebook recently, and I thought her style would work for my avatar. I was right! (And I should also add that she's very nice and lots of fun to work with!) Find out more about her at her blog, where you can also read her delightful BDs/comic strips and see her GIFs and process posts! It's in French, but it's worth the effort to translate, and you can enjoy her art regardless; as she says in her header, "Comics are the universal language". And Calomiel? Merci pour ce merveilleux nouveau avatar!

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