Friday, July 10, 2015

getting to the sweet truth

Never let it be said that we avoid the issues of the day here at Monkey Queen Books. We're about to rip the lid off a controversial issue - after the cut!

So a co-worker at my day job went to Japan for a vacation, and returned with snacks for the folks at my office. One of them was a bag of snack-size chocolate bars that said "Kit Kat"...but the bag was green. Green! These are not the Kit Kats we knew! I had to get to the bottom of this!

I proceeded to do in-depth research (read: I asked another co-worker) and discovered that this was a green tea flavored Kit Kat. But how could this be? After further in-depth research (read: a Google search), I decided that the mystery could not be unraveled at my office, and took one green tea Kit Kat bar home for testing. Here's a look at the wrapper's front:

Innocent enough, right? Well, here's the back:

The English text, since the flash obscured it: "Have a break, have a Kit Kat." Works for me. The white space above it is apparently where you can write a message to a special someone, who will hopefully not be so hungry that they rip the wrapper apart and eat the candy without reading your note. I thought I'd write a special message here, something that would to apply to everyone in this crazy, crazy world:

But enough of that. What lurks inside this innocuous wrapper?

Looks like a regular Kit Kat snack-size bar...except it's green. Let's hope that's how it's supposed to look, because I'm about to take the ultimate step, the big move. Will I survive EATING A GREEN TEA KIT KAT?!?

Well, duh. And the verdict is...where's the green tea? I think I can taste it, but apparently the coating is mostly white chocolate, and that taste overwhelmed everything else for me, even the wafer. I'm a bit disappointed by this, but it's possible the flavor was adversely affected by storage conditions (i.e., left on a bookshelf in a warm room for several days). I wouldn't mind trying another one if the occasion arose, though I might refrigerate it first.

Still, even with this disappointing conclusion we can end this with a message of hope, and that message is:

We are Groot.

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