Sunday, January 25, 2015

Then I saw her blog, now I'm a believer

Haven't done one of these Sunday catchup blogs in a while, so here goes. We're hoping all of you who haven't dropped by Lori Connelly's blog to check out First Fight Fridays do so. We'd be recommending it even if we hadn't been featured this past Friday; it's a great premise, and it lets you sample work from a wide variety of authors and genres. You can see our entry here:

Artists! You have just six days left to enter Willow's drawing contest to celebrate her reaching 1000 likes on Facebook! (And since she's announced it, she's added another 300 likes. Wow!) Full details here:

So three episodes in to the new Mythbusters season, I'm beginning to wonder if there'll ever be another episode that's not a media tie-in. I'm enjoying the show, but it seems that only the Indiana Jones episode had a real spark to it, probably due to Jamie and Adam's ILM connections. And darnit, I still miss Kari, Grant and Tori.

And Princess Merida has run off spouting some nonsense about bears, so we've recruited a new guard:

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