Sunday, January 18, 2015

Announcement: Monkey Queen Three!

Even if you read yesterday's post, we wanted to make it official: Monkey Queen book three, Under The Stars Of Faerie, is coming February 24!

You were right about her. She is a hero.”

When a love-crazed gremlin kidnaps pixie waitress Mandy, Michiko Koyama, a.k.a. the Monkey Queen, and her partner in adventure Beth McGill journey to Faerie to rescue their friend. Circumstances force them to ally with the crew of a pirate airship, led by the mysterious Captain Ash. Dangers await them in the sky, on the ground and in their hearts.

And an old enemy waits for them, his trap set and ready to be sprung...and it could mean the end of the Monkey Queen.

We'll let you know, as always, when preorders open. Until then, if you missed yesterday's post, here's another look at Willow's gorgeous cover art!

© 2015 by Willow, and used with permission.

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