Friday, September 12, 2014

Reminders and updates!

Since we're coming up on two big events, and since both of these have additional developments, I wanted to put up this reminder post. I will be nowhere near either, alas, but I hope you can be!

First, don't forget that Willow, who did the wonderful cover art for the first Monkey Queen novel, Of Introductions And Abductions, will be appearing at the Festival Harajuku in Paris (yes, the one in France) this coming weekend, September 13 and 14! Look for her at the Collectif Pin Up table (#9). She'll have merchandise for sale, including the new fanzine 101010, which will feature the first chapter of her BD (graphic novel) The Journey Of Earth, and other work from the Collectif Pin Up crew! (And if you can't be there, print copies in French, and PDFs in French AND in English, will be available for online ordering soon!) Get more info at , and as always, see more of Willow's work at . And if you do go, tell her that Michiko and Beth sent you.

And John Kovalic has now raised over $12,000 for his Bike the Barns ride, to help raise funds to help needy families in the Madison, Wisconsin area buy healthy, locally-sourced produce! Not only will he will be riding the entire 60 miles with Cthulhu tentacles strapped to him, a duck on his head, and a Republican Dalek drunk-tweeting his ride (don't you just love oddball stretch goals?), the great swag you can now get includes limericks by famous authors. Including Neil Gaiman and Patrick Rothfuss. And those two will be set to music by the Doubleclicks! Have I mentioned how awesome the Doubleclicks are? Anyway, you can only get these if you back the ride, and more importantly, it's for a great cause. Get more info and back him at , read his webcomic Dork Tower at , and follow his Twitter feed at @muskratjohn . And the Republican Dalek's at @RepublicanDalek .

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