Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Proof copies and singing the unsung

Well, look at what showed up today! The three proof copies of the first book! Aren't they pretty!

I'll put up ordering links for these when they become available, but I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the people who helped make this happen. I've learned my limitations, and so I enlisted help to make this book a reality. (One of them is, of course, cover artist Willow, but I think regulars on this blog have her web site memorized by now, so...)

I already mentioned Keri Knutson at Alchemy Book Covers. She designed the cover from my suggestions (and a few tips from Willow), and I love the job she did on it. You can see her work at

I haven't mentioned Jason and Marina Anderson at Polgarus Studio. They did the formatting of the interiors for both the e-book and print editions, and it looks great in both formats. You can find them at . I wish I could take a better photo, but you can see their work here:

My thanks to Willow, Keri, Jason and Marina. As you can see below, you have made an author very very happy.

Cover art © 2014 Willow, used by permission. . I tried, I really did. :)

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