Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Doubleclicks!

No Monkey Queen related anything today; we've got several balls in the air, and we're waiting for them to come down while hoping they don't turn into flaming chainsaws on the way. However, we do have something we wanted to mention, if only because it'll help us remember on Friday.

I (where did this "we" stuff come from?) have of late become a big fan of The Doubleclicks, the Portland band which consists of sisters Angela and Aubrey Webber. They write, as they might put it, sweet, snarky songs about dinosaurs, Mr. Darcy, ennui, geek girls and more dinosaurs. They are awesome.

This weekend is Pax, the big gaming convention in Seattle. The Doubleclicks will be doing a live show there Friday, as in August 29, as in tomorrow as I write this, at 9:30 PM Pacific time (or "why am I up this late?" Eastern time). It'll be streaming at and you should watch it, because if you're a fan you know how great their live shows are and if you're not, you just might be by the time they're done. I'll be watching, assuming those flaming chainsaws don't catch up to me...

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