Sunday, March 26, 2017

I smiled sadly for a blog I could not obey

Starting off Sunday with an update on the project I previewed a while back. The reaction has been generally positive from what I've shared so far; many thanks for those who took a moment to leave feedback. The story is almost done; I'm just waiting (as of this writing) for one last correspondent to answer a research question. With any luck, it may be posted this coming week! When it is, I'll update on Twitter and Facebook. More after the cut.

So, if you missed it on Monday, this happened:

In case you were wondering why I didn't thank the kind soul who got this for me from my Amazon wish list by's because I have no idea who did it. Seriously. There was no paperwork in the box, just the Ninth Doctor. If the mysterious gift-giver wishes to keep quiet, that's fine...but if they want to drop me a private message by Twitter or through my Facebook page, that's fine too. I promise I won't tell a soul, living or otherwise.

Meanwhile, here's the title track from the upcoming New Pornographers' album, Whiteout Conditions. Sweet!

And why didn't anyone tell me that Mighty Magiswords was this much fun?

Oh, wait. The Library Bards did. As you were.

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