Sunday, September 18, 2016

he's a pinball wizard, he's blogged a trillion more

Sunday! Catchup! We'll start with this reminder: The Anniversary Sale continues! Through Monday, you can get Michiko and Beth's first three adventures for just 99 cents US each! They're also 99 cents CA/AU/NZ, 0.99 £, and 0,99 €! Grab them now, and happy reading! More after the cut.

Speaking of sales, our friend Shei Darksbane is also holding one this weekend! Her first book, Dakota Shepherd's debut Awakened, is also 99 cents! Snarky, entertaining, inclusive, and filled with heart, it's a great read. Head to Amazon to get it.

Like it? Read all of Dakota's books already? Well, you need to sign up for the Darksbane Books mailing list, as subscribers will soon be receiving a free e-book containing six short stories featuring Dakota and her friends and loved ones! Click here for more, and get a look at more books on sale this weekend!

Meanwhile, I did spend some time this weekend rearranging my writing space, specifically the shelf atop my desk. I think it came out okay.

So this makes me a dork, you say? Hmph. I'll have you know I'm not just any old dork. So there.

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