Sunday, August 28, 2016

turn on the T.V., shut out the lights, Roy Rogers is blogging tonight

A quick reminder to start this Sunday catchup: Twitter. @MonkeyQueenBks. That is all.

...Well, not really. More after the cut!

Great news from the world of books: Dakota Shepherd is back! The third novel in the series from Darksbane Books, Blooded, has just been released! It's exclusively on Amazon, for Kindle devices and apps, so head here to grab yours! (And if you've never read Dakota's adventures, start here with book one, Awakened!) [Not for the young'uns and the sensitive; profanity and adult situations.]

Tuesday will be a big day for fans of nerd music - The PDX Broadsides, Portland's great folk trio, is releasing their new album, Something's Rotten! You can order the CD or download it at Bandcamp, but before you do - tomorrow (Monday 8/28), at 5:00 PM Pacific, they'll be on Nerdy.FM, being interviewed and debuting the album! Listen online or download the app!

A reminder that today is National Bow Tie Day:

And finally, some words of wisdom, with thanks to Amber Goss.

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