Monday, April 25, 2016

Happy World Penguin Day!

Celebrate that most amazing of days...after the cut!

It's World Penguin Day, and there are reasons to mark it. It's not just that penguins are remarkable and funny and cute, as you can see here.

It's also that penguins are in trouble. Climate change is real, and it will affect animals and plants worldwide, including penguins. Many of the world's species of penguins (12 of 17, by one count) are experiencing population decline, due partially to habitat loss caused by climate change.

Want to help? Learn more about penguins and how climate change affects them. Support organizations like the World Wildlife Fund and Defenders of Wildlife that work to raise awareness, and work to protect penguin habitats. One group that I've mentioned earlier is Penguin Watch, where you can help researchers and look at cute penguin photos. Win-win!

Also, if you're on Twitter, follow BioTweeps. This week, their Twitter account is being curated by Dr. Michelle LaRue, who brings awesome science when it comes to penguins! Cute stories, photos, penguin facts and ways to help!

And have a happy World Penguin Day!

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